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Get a quote

1. What's your name?

2. What's your discord?

3. What's your email?

4. Do you have any wishes for the theme for the website?

5. Any color wishes for your website? Here are some great color options! Also specifiy if you wish a light or dark theme.

6. What is your website based around? (what game)

7. Do you want any special pages?

8. Anything "special" your want added to your website?

9. Do you want your website to have a similar design to another website or not?

10. Do you have any logo/artwork?

11. Do you agree that I can display "Designed by Inwin1" at the bottom of the website, in order to show other clients that I have made the design? (this can be removed for a fee of 5$)

12. Have you read the Terms of service? and do you agree with them?

13. Any additional information you want to give me about the project? (If this is for a theme, please provide aswell what software the theme should be made towards)